Building and Managing Trusted Membership Communities

The Challenges We Address 

With one in ten members of online dating communities expected to be fake as well as half of all five-star reviews, the challenge for membership organisations is maintaining integrity and protecting their community. Criminals and fraudsters are frequently targeting membership bodies in phishing and social engineering scams as well as scamming legitimate members, damaging reputations and creating a barrier to growth.


You’re Fully In Control


Reduction in fraud

Stop catfishing and membership fraud.

Reduced Costs

Current KYC processes can be both admin intensive, time consuming and expensive.

Increase Members

Lower barriers for new members by making their onboarding process automated and innovative.

How SmilePass Works

Member registration

When members register they use the free SmilePass app to verify their identity.

High security

Depending on the level of security needed for members, you can verify their passport chips and validate this against the photo and a selfie (SmileSafe+), against identity ID documents such as a driving licence (SmileCheck+) and liveness detection (SmileSafe).

Unique digital ID created

Successful matching creates members’ SmileSpace – their unique digital ID. The SmileSpace is used as the reference for any future verification events.


Member verification

If two members need to verify one another for a transaction, they trigger a mutual verification request. Each verifies their identity against their SmileSpace and are now confident to transact with one another.


Client Verification

Any member can ask a customer or client to register and verify themselves, mainly if they make a request that contains risk.


SmilePass uses an affordable subscription model covering web hosting, software upgrades, and support. Contact us for a quote.

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