Reducing exposure to ticket, tout and payment fraud while increasing security

The Challenges We Address

Illegal touting impacts entertainers as well as their customers. One in four tickets are touted on re-seller sites, so people do not know where they are buying from. Events companies also need to efficiently and securely grant access to venues using an automated ticketing process. SmilePass links ticket ownership with a unique biometric ID, streamlining ticket ownership and access to events.


You’re Fully In Control

Stop Mass Purchases

Glastonbury and elsewhere proves that, having an ID associated with a ticket cuts down on touting significantly.


Improved Security

Responsive security without having to invest in hardware.

Fraud Reduction:

Reduced fraud on ticket purchase or transfer.


Brand Credibility

Event-goers know they’re in good hands and your brand is strengthened.

How SmilePass Works


The SmilePass app is embedded into the front end of any ticket sales website.


When booking an event, a customer is prompted to download the app which can be branded for any event. Using the app, the customer takes a selfie and is allocated a unique ID captured in your admin area and associated with their ticket or tickets.


When attending an event, the customer simply and quickly verifies ticket ownership at the entrance if required.



If someone is unable to attend, they can easily transfer ownership in the app using mutually triggered identity verification.


The event organiser sets the limits on how many tickets can be associated with anyone ID.


SmilePass uses an affordable subscription model covering web hosting, software upgrades, and support. Contact us for a quote.

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