Building and Managing Trusted Membership Communities

The Challenges We Address 

Whether a nationally recognised body such as the Law Society, Institute of Chartered Accountants or a website brokering professional services such as, the challenge is maintaining integrity within the community. Members have worked hard for their status and professional bodies need to ensure that standards of practice and membership security are maintained in an environment in which fraudsters are showing both resourcefulness and capability.

In the first half of 2017, £100m was lost in the UK to conveyancing related scams. Many of these originated from a purported solicitor or client. SmilePass is a solution to many of these types of fraud.


You’re Fully In Control


Reduction in fraud

Opportunities for impersonation of a solicitor or other professional are significantly reduced as are consumer initiated frauds.

Reduced Costs

Current KYC processes can be both admin intensive, time consuming and expensive.

Industry promotion

This initiative will be seen as a significant innovation by both government, industry and consumers.

How SmilePass Works

Member Registration

Members register annually or on demand as usual and additionally are required by their professional body to use the free SmilePass app.

High Security

For SmileSafe + (high security) registration, each member uses the app to read the chip on their own passport. The app validates that the passport information is valid and then extracts a high – resolution photo of the member from the passport chip. The member takes a selfie using the app and this is matched to the original photo.

Unique Digital ID Created

Successful matching triggers the creation of that member’s SmileSpace – their unique digital ID in the SmilePass solution. The SmileSpace is used as the reference for any future verification events


Solicitor Verification

For example, 2 solicitors on either side of a conveyancing transaction need to verify one another. Solicitor 1 will trigger a mutual verification request from the app on their phone or laptop. Each verifies their identity against their SmileSpace and are now confident to transact with one another.


Client Verification

Any solicitor can require a customer of theirs to register and verify themselves, particularly if the customer makes a request that contains inherent risk – such as changing beneficiary bank account.


Professionals pay a registration fee included in their annual membership. Clients pay an affordable annual rental fee for the solution. This covers web hosting, software upgrades and support. In most cases clients also pay a small fee (in pennies) per verification event.

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