Reducing exposure to driver and supply chain fraud and theft

The Challenges We Address

The rise in online shopping and therefore home deliveries is fuelling significant growth in the parcel delivery market. This growth is creating its own challenges – such as an industry wide shortage of drivers and a lack of adequate control and accountability over drivers.  This lack of control is contributing to increasing losses from theft and damage as well as significant inefficiencies. The good news is that SmilePass is specifically designed to help carriers overcome these challenges.


You’re Fully In Control

Clarify accountability

This enables you to locate responsibility and liability for fraud or theft with the driver, agent, employee or customer.


Reduce your Risk

You’re able to exclude any dishonest drivers thereby cutting losses as well as potentially reducing your insurance premiums as your business is seen as less vulnerable to fraud and theft.

Build Trust

The customer experience is more positive. They get what they’ve ordered and trust your commitment to security. This is something your Marketing team will love to broadcast!

How SmilePass Works


When drivers (or any other employees) are on-boarded, they use the SmilePass app to create a unique biometric ID in your admin area of the solution.


If driver control is an issue, you can then easily create a “blacklist” of drivers so if a driver you’ve terminated re-applies elsewhere within your business, you can identify them.


You can randomly check both drivers and employees against their unique biometric ID by asking them to take a selfie at any stage. This includes verifying the driver during their shift to ensure they’re actually in the vehicle.



For high value parcels, you can verify customer receipt. This instantly stops fraudulent customer claims of non-receipt.


Any verification event is location and time stamped for audit and management information.


Clients pay an affordable annual rental fee for the solution. This covers web hosting, software upgrades and support. In most cases clients also pay a small fee (in pennies) per verification event.

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