Secure KYC and AML – Ensuring Compliance and Improving Customer Experience

The Challenges We Address 

Regulatory changes have come with dizzying speed and complexity, often with massive implications to business models and competitive strategies. KYC, AML and future regulatory changes such as Open Banking will see increased cost and complexity for businesses on a global basis.

Equally, customers are frustrated by the many inefficiencies they face in having to provide additional and repeat information. Institutions able to solve these customer frustrations proactively and innovatively will be well placed to gain market share.

SmilePass uses biometric and other technologies to provide simple and highly secure solutions to customer due diligence challenges. We focus on verification of identity and the verification of transactions in the on-going customer relationship.


You’re Fully In Control

Passport Validation

Remote, electronic confirmation of ID for clients and employees.

Customer Confirmation

Remote verification of customer identity.


Secure Transactions

Anti-spoofing significantly reduces impersonation fraud.


Fraud Reduction

On-going verification capability supporting the customer lifecycle.

How SmilePass Works

Based on the nature of customer approach, the firm implements standard customer due diligence (CDD) or enhanced due diligence processes (ECDD).


Customer downloads SmilePass app to their phone. App reads the data on their passport and passport chip – confirming the passport is genuine and valid.


App extracts photo image from the passport chip and the customer takes a selfie


Selfie is matched against the passport photo.

The firm now knows with a high degree of certainty they’ve verified their client’s against a known identity based on a valid document.

Further in the customer journey, the firm is asked to facilitate a financial transaction in excess of the policy threshold by the same customer. Although there is no doubt about the veracity of the documents provided in the customer on-boarding process, the firm’s policies stipulate an additional verification step is required.


On receipt of the customer request, firm identifies the transaction value is in excess of threshold


Firm admin sends verification request to customer’s mobile.


Customer complies and takes selfie.



Selfie is matched to customer record in client back end. If successful, verification is complete and transaction can proceed.


Clients pay an affordable annual rental fee for the solution. This covers web hosting, software upgrades and support.

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