KYC and Onboarding

Secure KYC and Onboarding – Ensuring Compliance and Improving Customer Experience

The Challenges We Address 

SmilePass provides simple and highly secure solutions to due diligence challenges and increasing regulations. Using a mix of biometric and additional secure technologies, we focus on verifying the identity of a customer or employee at the beginning of your journey together, authenticating any future transactions using facial recognition, passport and photo ID verification.


You’re Fully In Control

Passport Validation

Remote, electronic confirmation of ID for clients and employees.

Customer Confirmation

Remote verification of identity.


Secure Transactions

Anti-spoofing significantly reduces impersonation fraud.


Fraud Reduction

On-going verification capability supporting the customer lifecycle.

How SmilePass Works

SmilePass has four options your company can use (either alone or a combination) to suit your businesses approach to KYC or onboarding; SmileCheck, SmileSafe, SmileCheck+ and SmileSafe+.


User downloads SmilePass app to their phone. Depending on the level of security needed it will either read the data and photo ID document (such as a driving licence or passport) or use liveness detection.


App extracts photo image from the passport chip and the customer takes a selfie

ID check

The selfie is matched against the photo; the user has now been verified against a valid ID document.


During high-risk requests or transactions, you can quickly verify the identity of parties concerned.


Your company administrator sends a verification request to users.


User takes a selfie.



The selfie is matched to your records. If successful, the verification is complete, and the transaction can proceed – preventing fraud and streamlining processes.

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