Streamlining access to services without needing hardware.

The Challenges We Address

SmilePass helps keep resource and admin costs down while automating access using biometrics to verify identity, record attendance and location. Our access management and geolocation tracking make reporting significantly easier and more accurate. Our app improves visibility and accountability by verifying attendance using facial recognition.


You’re Fully In Control

Automated access

Enables you to have a streamlined access management process that is simple and easy to implement, saving you and your customers valuable time.


Reduce your risk

Exclude any attempts at identity fraud.

Build trust

For a more positive customer experience. Your brand will demonstrate a commitment to security and give you a competitive edge.

How SmilePass Works

The app

Users are on-boarded using the SmilePass app to create a unique biometric ID kept in your admin area.

Verify identity

Identity is verified within a matter of seconds, saving your business time and money.

ID check

Randomly check against users’ unique biometric ID by sending a verification request at any time for them to take a selfie.


Schedule requests

Set up requests to be sent at certain times on certain days without manual input.


Any verification request is location and time stamped for audit and management information.


SmilePass uses an affordable subscription model covering web hosting, software upgrades, and support. Contact us for a quote.

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