What is your role at SmilePass?

I am the Commercial Director at SmilePass. Always a rather ambiguous title, I basically oversee the development of the business with regard to Sales and Partnerships, and also feed into Strategy and Finance. So I spend most of my time speaking with and meeting clients (which usually involves drinking coffee) about how we can help them validate their customers in the brave new world. Otherwise I am often found inside a spreadsheet (I have an unhealthy obsession), managing the ‘pipeline’ (using Hubspot, Slack and Trello), or negotiating contracts (the least favourite part of my role).

My mission is to rid the world of passwords.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Three things spring to mind:

1) We are a small, diverse team with big plans.
2) We do a lot of work in Africa creating solutions that genuinely make a difference to developing countries.
3) Being able to wear shorts to work.

What is your background?

I spent the first 6 years of my working life at HSBC, broking equity derivatives to hedge funds. Most recently though, I spent 8 years building WEXO – a matchmaking platform for work experience and paid internships – which I co-founded in 2009 and sold to Bright Network in 2017. Our technology was used by everyone from Ogilvy and the London 2012 Olympics to Fever Tree and Skimlimks. In between whiles I have consulted to a variety of companies (I’m currently an advisor to Moke International and a Non-Executive Director of The Rookfield Garden Village Ltd) and done time as both a ski instructor (I spent 3 years living in the Alps) and the manager of Jackson Scott’s gypsy punk band, Mano de Dios. I graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in Politics in 1999 and finally grew up and got married to my beautiful wife last year!

What do you do when you aren’t working?

My 2 big passions are skiing and music. I play the guitar (and occasionally croon) for The Clams (the best over 40s band in West London) and am permanently finding new places to ski and inhale fresh air.

To find out more about Robin and the rest of the team, take a look at our team page.