Social engineering is the practice of manipulating individuals to perform specific actions or divulge information. It is a widely used and effective means of gaining access to secure systems and obtaining sensitive data.

Social engineering doesn’t require much technical knowledge to be successful, instead preying on common aspects of human psychology such as gullibility, courtesy, curiosity, thoughtlessness and greed.

The sheer creativity and innovation in social engineering embraces new technologies and situations. Social engineers use a variety of techniques, from unsophisticated emails to multi-layered attacks that most observers can barely distinguish from genuine interactions.

The ingenuity of the modern social engineer therefore calls for a genius solution.

The role of SmilePass in social engineering prevention

SmilePass provides biometric authentication as a service to businesses. We create unique and secure biometric profiles for customers at the beginning of their relationship with the client business. It is then against each of these profiles that one can easily verify any future potentially risky transactions or events.

SmilePass uses border level security to keep your business secure. Protective measures include liveness detection, where a phone or computer screen is used to flash a series of coloured lights at the subject to verify without question that the subject is a real person or a picture, video or mask.


We are at a stage where businesses are extremely vulnerable to the risk of fraud and theft. Our solution geared to social engineering prevention rises to this challenge, eradicating impersonation fraud and enabling you to know your customer at a high level, while maximising trust among your customers, suppliers and employees.

There are various industries and applications for which SmilePass’s solutions are invaluable. You may be interested in our logistics service, for example, which determines whether the driver, agent, employee or customer is liable for fraud or theft.

Alternatively, you may be a nationally recognised body, professional services broker or ticket seller seeking an innovative way to increase security and reduce fraud.

Find out more about the services we provide to businesses on our solutions page or contact us directly, as we would love to speak to you.