New partner for SmilePass

SmilePass has recently signed a contract to provide large scale identity verification services to Africa. In a groundbreaking deal, SmilePass is supporting partner Afrilight to verify identities of hundreds of thousands of citizens. These citizens will be verified when they visit medical clinics in a state in rural Nigeria. The majority of healthcare provision through these clinics is paid by the government.  Citizens contribute the smaller share of the costs from an e-wallet.

Project challenges and objectives

The state government wants to make sure that it can verify the identity of citizens benefitting from these services. It is also important that the process is as simple and efficient as possible. The Afrilight team will collect essential biographical data as well as a picture of each citizen as part of the registration process for relevant citizens. SmilePass provides a fast, affordable capability for these photos to be used as validation when citizens arrive at their local clinic.

Gabriel Apeh, CEO of Afrilight says..“when we first considered the challenge, we tried to adopt fingerprint technology. What we found though is that this was not a good solution in our environment. Many of our people work with their hands such as farmers and consequently their prints are often calloused and damaged. We changed tack and decided that facial biometrics were the best solution for us”.

SmilePass Benefits

Grant Crow, CEO of SmilePass adds “the SmilePass solution design offers our clients a flexible range of identity verification solutions to fit their use cases. The software as a service platform is modular. Our clients choose the parts they need as they look to secure relationships and transactions with their own customers.” This healthcare project is a great example of how we help to build trusted communities. The State government reduces the fraud and cost associated with healthcare provision and citizens are involved in a simple, streamlined process which works for them.

Moving Forward

The project will see 500,000 citizens being registered initially with further expansion across the state in the near future. SmilePass is helping to revolutionise processes in healthcare globally with biometrics. Contact us to find out how our identity verification solution can benefit your business.