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Social engineering is the practice of manipulating individuals to perform specific actions or divulge information. It is a widely used and effective means of gaining access to secure systems and obtaining sensitive data. Social engineering doesn’t require much technical knowledge […]

The hype and interest surrounding the launch of our new SmilePass biometric authentication as a service solution has been overwhelming. The real business challenges that we address have been documented extensively by a number of relevant industry, Insuretech, Fintech and […]

Driver Accountability

A shortage of drivers and skilled staff is foremost on the minds of logistics executives. Businesses struggle to cope with the rising demand for deliveries and lack of potential new joiners due to poor career interest in the industry. HGV […]

SmilePass launches pioneering biometrics service to fight £30bn cyber crime spree ● SmilePass leads new category of ‘biometrics authentication as a service’ providers ● Businesses can now incorporate the world’s most secure ‘selfie’ verification into their customer on-boarding processes, and […]

5 ways to prevent cyber fraud

The definition for social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access.

The Democratisation of Artificial Intelligence The true democratisation of artificial intelligence is coming. It is happening the same way the democratisation of all technology has happened in the last 15 years, through the medium of your mobile device. Through the […]

With security of any sort, its difficult to achieve a balance between achieving the right level of security and convenience or perhaps better put, the least possible disruption for customers. Take airport security for example, the implementation of tighter security […]

The Market Intelligence company Acuity recently published a white paper titled “Taming the Authentication Beast“. This is the best paper I’ve seen on the distinction between on device authentication vs cloud based authentication. I thought I’d pick up on some of the points made and reference these to SmilePass.

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ROSE: The Next Frontier In How To Prevent Social Engineering

ROSE: The Next Frontier In How To Prevent Social Engineering

The question of how to prevent social engineering has gained many column inches in recent years. Social engineering is the practice of deceiving and manipulating individuals into sharing sensitive information used to infiltrate or compromise an organisation or network...

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Moving away from the black mirror view of biometrics with trust

Moving away from the black mirror view of biometrics with trust

Using biometrics to verify identity allows you to stop fraud and streamline payments. But the “Black Mirror” view of biometrics stands in the way of widespread acceptance. When we refer to a Black Mirror view, we mean the TV show which explores dystopian alternative...

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