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Businesses are coming under ever-greater threat from phishing on mobile devices, according to one mobile security firm. The company found that mobile-based phishing attacks were duping enterprise users at an 85% higher rate each year since 2011. This indicates that […]

Banking professionals often consider compliance to be a barrier to what they do. They might think it’s simply about ‘ticking boxes’, so as not to fall foul of regulators or internal auditors. In so doing, they don’t consider the real, […]

We are very happy to announce that we have been nominated and shortlisted for Best Business Innovation of the Year and Best Business of the Year at the Best New Business awards 2018. It’s another nomination for SmilePass, I can […]

Customer Journey

Let’s take a look at some key facts. Customers lives are becoming increasingly digital, with 73% of purchases and 90% of service requests made online they expect a streamlined purchasing process. No matter what industry you’re operating in, providing excellent […]

Cryptocurrencies have had a thoroughly disruptive effect on the financial sector. A day barely seems to pass without a new crypto-related topic hitting the news. However, critics of the system have long suggested that it supports criminal and illicit activities. […]

Phishing is a technique aimed at stealing confidential information – such as passwords – by tricking users into thinking they are giving such information to a trustworthy party. While emails are still largely used for this type of attack, social […]

New partner for SmilePass SmilePass has recently signed a contract to provide large scale identity verification services to Africa. In a groundbreaking deal, SmilePass is supporting partner Afrilight to verify identities of hundreds of thousands of citizens. These citizens will […]

Victims of a notorious money transfer trick have been losing an average of almost £3,000 each, according to new figures. Banking trade body UK Finance has been taking a closer look at so-called authorised push payment fraud. It has said […]

prevent phishing and social engineering

Imagine your office building. Would you class it as secure? Do you think you think it its safe from intruders? Probably not. Almost definitely not from people like Sophie. We interviewed a professional penetration tester. She carries out social engineering […]

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Fraudsters targeting UK start-ups for money laundering

Fraudsters targeting UK start-ups for money laundering

At SmilePass we’re in the process of raising a late seed round to speed up IP development and implement our go-to-market plan. Given the size and stage of the round, we’re largely targeting angel investors and have registered on a few angel network sites as part of...

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What Is The Potential of Blockchain For Identity Management?

What Is The Potential of Blockchain For Identity Management?

We are seeing a significant move towards using biometrics and blockchain technologies for identity management. Currently we rely on governments issuing specialised documents – such as driving licences, birth certificates and passports – as identity credentials. Such...

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