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Fraud is now the most common crime committed in the UK, and your business isn’t immune. Business Fraud in the UK has hit a 15 year high, with financial services fraud quadrupling year on year according to BDO accountants. Fraudsters […]

Today’s events professionals already make use of identity verification services like those that SmilePass provides. Technology can be instrumental in lessening the workload of event planners, and to boost attendee engagement levels. It’s only natural, however, that many will look […]

Although mandatory for regulated businesses in the Financial Services Industry, Know your Customer (KYC) processes are good practice in any business. Banks, in particular, are suffering from significant regulation overload as a result of post-2008 concerns as well as increasing […]

Platforms such as SmilePass’s SaaS solution can be crucial for those seeking to verify digital identity accurately, quickly and safely. However, a new study from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will make interesting reading for many users […]

You’ve just arrived at a gig venue to see your favourite musician; you walk through a scanner that registers your facial profile, positively identifying you have bought a ticket, it logs your food and drinks preferences, and the whole process […]

A newly released report shows an alarming movement of phishing attacks to mobile messaging and social apps. It’s another sign of just how attracted cyber criminals increasingly are to phishing through corporate mobile devices. The findings of the research – […]

Cryptocurrencies are unquestionably among the hottest current dinner-party topics of conversation. They are an investment vehicle offering a new means of trading goods and services. More than that, though, they also represent a way of circumventing the world’s dominant financial […]

Khalil (our CTO) and I have recently returned from the Connect ID conference in Washington. Now that the jet lag is out of the way, here are some reflections on our learning from the event. 1. Most biometrics vendors view […]

All organisations attempting to figure out how to prevent social engineering should note the findings of a new report. The security firm behind the research discovered that employees were continuing to fall prey to malicious files, phishing links and enticements […]

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To Achieve Genuinely Rapid KYC, We Need To Fix A Broken System

The KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations that are now widely used around the world have perfectly good intentions. Their aim is to ensure that customers are who they claim to be. This, in turn, helps to prevent terrorists, criminals, tax evaders and money launderers...

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Which Biometric Modes Are Best For Identity Management?

Which Biometric Modes Are Best For Identity Management?

Biometrics draws upon the human body’s unique physiological and behavioural patterns. The complexity and randomness of such patterns due to biological and environmental factors makes them highly individual, and therefore useful for identity management. Examples of...

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