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What is your role at SmilePass? I am the Commercial Director at SmilePass. Always a rather ambiguous title, I basically oversee the development of the business with regard to Sales and Partnerships, and also feed into Strategy and Finance. So […]

What is your role at SmilePass? I’m CEO and together with Khalil (our CTO) we’re essentially “re-founders” of SmilePass as we’ve completely changed the product concept and focus, go-to-market strategy, culture and aspirations for the business. As CEO I obviously […]

The uses of technology in recent years has grown exponentially and there’s a security measure that deserves to be ditched: the password. Why? Because it sucks. Almost everything we do now has a digital component that requires a password on […]

KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) are terms that are frequently interchanged. If you have ever wondered what the difference is between KYC and AML you wouldn’t be alone. These acronyms have very real differences in the financial […]

What is your role at SmilePass? I am the marketing coordinator here at SmilePass. As the first and only person to sit in the marketing team, currently my role is broad and diverse. I have the pleasure to be able […]

2018 has been and will continue to be a year of big things and significant changes for SmilePass. We launched our solution back in February, signed a contract with Kwara state in Nigeria to help in providing affordable healthcare to […]

If the identity verification services that your organisation uses are to be successful, you will need to ensure – among other things – that you choose the right biometric modality. This will entail careful comparisons of different modalities’ strengths and […]

Identity Verification Nigeria

In March we announced we would be working with Kwara state and Afrilight in Nigeria to provide large scale identity verification services. We are very excited to announce the project has now commenced. The Universal Health Insurance Program will bring […]

Anyone concerned with evolving dangers in identity management should take note of a recent study from the University of North Carolina. The research showed that creating 3D faces from photos found online could be sufficient to defeat facial recognition systems. […]

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