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We are seeing a significant move towards using biometrics and blockchain technologies for identity management. Currently we rely on governments issuing specialised documents – such as driving licences, birth certificates and passports – as identity credentials. Such documents are physical […]

The question of how to prevent social engineering has gained many column inches in recent years. Social engineering is the practice of deceiving and manipulating individuals into sharing sensitive information used to infiltrate or compromise an organisation or network or […]

Using biometrics to verify identity allows you to stop fraud and streamline payments. But the “Black Mirror” view of biometrics stands in the way of widespread acceptance. When we refer to a Black Mirror view, we mean the TV show […]

The birth of bitcoin was only 10 years ago. 18 August 2008, was registered by “Satoshi Nakamoto,” and it’s blown up from there. In 2010 10,000 bitcoin would get you 2 pizzas. Today, that would be worth over £55 […]

Is your firm aware of the increasing prominence of robotic process automation bots as a new form of identity? Indeed, bots will require careful management in much the same way as human identities in the years to come. For as […]

On September 12 apple held their annual iPhone focused event. This event is hotly anticipated every year and people from around the world watch it on apple’s live stream. Apple tends to operate on a “tic-toc” cycle where they have […]

What is your role at SmilePass? I’m CTO at Smilepass. This means I’m in charge of the technical development process and our general product development. Since we are a startup though, I do end up doing a lot of other […]

It’s been a while since biometric security devices were the preserve of science fiction. Today, biometrics is playing an ever-more central role in real-world identity verification services. Biometric technologies have been applied increasingly in many consumer markets as it has […]

As biometric identification technology makes its way into the mainstream it is changing the way we go about our daily lives, and, gradually, it will change and improve how healthcare systems around the world function. Using patients’ physiological reference points, […]

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