Let’s take a look at some key facts.

Customers lives are becoming increasingly digital, with 73% of purchases and 90% of service requests made online they expect a streamlined purchasing process. No matter what industry you’re operating in, providing excellent customer service is key along every step of the customer journey.

Streamlining the customer journey is key to maintaining customers and attracting new ones. Simultaneously businesses benefit internally by cutting costs and resources allocated to processes such as KYC which can be better focused on improving the customer experience.

So how can you facilitate this?

We are witnessing more and more businesses adopt biometrics and advanced analytics as a way to revolutionise how businesses address data security and privacy concerns. Using unique identifying factors which apply to one singular individual, biometrics creates the security and speed your customers need and expect from their suppliers.

Regulations such as Know your customer (KYC) and other due diligence checks can generate unnecessary levels of administration for both the customer and the business. Creating an increase in cost and resources.

The KYC process is one of the first interactions you have with a new customer and first impressions count. Unless you make knowing your customers identity more efficient, you risk them seeking simpler solutions or giving up. But by using Biometrics to validate and verify identity you can transform compliance requirements into business opportunities.

Imagine a world where you and your most important high value customers either new or potential could do the following:

• Verify any transaction online or in-store securely via proven SaaS face biometric technology without needing hardware integrations

• Feel completely secure knowing identity fraud and social engineering is no longer a risk

• Reduce overall fraud losses, chargebacks and associated costs because you have established an enhanced authentication method

• Have a simple and easy customer journey which reduces cost and improves satisfaction simultaneously

Here at SmilePass our mission is to enable trusted communities using biometric authentication to validate customers. We want to facilitate the most safe and secure environment for you and your customers, using facial recognition and selfies as a way to authenticate any transaction. The benefits of using our technology for your business is that identity fraud is significantly reduced, admin heavy verifications such as secret passwords are unnecessary and processes which took hours or days now take a matter of seconds.

Contact us to discuss how facial biometrics and advanced analytics can help to propel your business, streamline your customer journey and create a trusted community with your stakeholders. Or take a look at our brochure for more information on how we reduce fraud.