When you take the first step on your journey to find the right biometric authentication for your business, the process can be hard to navigate. There is so much information out there, most of which is complicated and makes finding the key points a taxing experience.

According to Spiceworks 90% of business will be using biometric authentication in some way by 2020. Whether you are a start-up, non-profit or corporate business, you will likely be using biometrics in the next year or so. Meaning you will need to be ready to embark on the decision-making process and be informed whilst doing so.

Identity verification can be overly technical, making it difficult for you to understand how to make the right choices in the market. When you couple this with the legislation and data laws in place, the pursuit of biometric authentication isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

You may be looking at identity verification as a KYC solution, you may be searching for a password replacement, access management or possibly a combination in order to make your business more streamlined and secure.

That’s why we have created this 4 step guide to choosing the right biometrics for your business. It breaks down all the complicated terms you will come across and makes them easy to digest. It helps you focus on which direction you would like to go in and hopefully gives you some top tips which will make all the difference in making your choice a successful one.

Take a look at the guide here for some useful, impartial advice.

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