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At a time that is seeing more and more emphasis placed on finding the right KYC solutions, biometrics is playing an increasingly prominent role. Once restricted to the military and secret service, biometric authentication is now common in organisations globally. […]

New hacking techniques and a relaxed attitude towards cyber security have helped to drive a huge spike in social engineering attacks. This comes from research by leading cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, highlighting that businesses should be optimising their phishing prevention measures. […]

4 Step Biometric Guide

When you take the first step on your journey to find the right biometric authentication for your business, the process can be hard to navigate. There is so much information out there, most of which is complicated and makes finding […]

Biometric Selfie KYC solution

Africa has an identity problem. The World Bank estimates there are 1.5 billion citizens in developing countries with no way of formally proving their identity. Africa represents a substantial chunk of this. As with many problems, overcoming this challenge presents […]

The KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations that are now widely used around the world have perfectly good intentions. Their aim is to ensure that customers are who they claim to be. This, in turn, helps to prevent terrorists, criminals, tax […]

Biometrics draws upon the human body’s unique physiological and behavioural patterns. The complexity and randomness of such patterns due to biological and environmental factors makes them highly individual, and therefore useful for identity management. Examples of biometric traits used in […]

At SmilePass we’re in the process of raising a late seed round to speed up IP development and implement our go-to-market plan. Given the size and stage of the round, we’re largely targeting angel investors and have registered on a […]

We are seeing a significant move towards using biometrics and blockchain technologies for identity management. Currently we rely on governments issuing specialised documents – such as driving licences, birth certificates and passports – as identity credentials. Such documents are physical […]

The question of how to prevent social engineering has gained many column inches in recent years. Social engineering is the practice of deceiving and manipulating individuals into sharing sensitive information used to infiltrate or compromise an organisation or network or […]

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