What is SmilePass?

SmilePass is an authentication platform that verifies identity using best in class biometrics. Our app allows you to prove your identity in the fastest and most secure way possible remotely.

Has SmilePass been approved by any regulators and organisations?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – the independent UK regulatory authority dealing with data protection. Its document validation partner is affiliated with The Document Security Alliance (DSA) in the USA and compliant with The National Institute of Standards and Technology (US Department of Commerce) Guidelines and ISO/IEC standards. It is further approved by One World Identity, INCITS and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) with its capabilities recognised by Gartner and Forrester.

How much does SmilePass cost

Due to the bespoke nature of what we offer, please visit our contact page and submit your requirements for a quote.

What can I do with SmilePass

Verify identity, ID documents and e-documents to help you comply with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Right to Work (RTW) regulations.
Remotely verify age in seconds using a mobile phone or our easy to integrate web app. Secure and streamline a ticketing process end to end. Make access into your organisation secure, cardless and streamlined with using facial recognition to save time and have an automated record of who has entered.

What do I need to use SmilePass

All you need is access to the internet, you can use our web or phone app as well as the browser on your phone or computer.

How does SmilePass work

SmilePass uses hybrid facial recognition which measures the information points to verify whether you are who you say you are against an ID document. We have different levels of security to suit your business, find out more here.

Are you GDPR compliant

SmilePass is fully compliant with UK protection laws and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). This is covered more fully in our Privacy Policy (available on request)

Document Verification

What documents do SmilePass accept?

SmilePass verify Passports/ e-Passports, Passport Cards, Drivers Licences , Medical Insurance Cards, Military Identification, Government (PIV, CAC, TWIC).

What does SmilePass do with my document information?

We share chosen information with the organisation you are associated with and store your documents in a secure online vault.

Is SmilePass document validation recognised as an official way to verify documents?

Yes its compliant with European Commission, 3rd AMLD, FATF, EU Right to Work, United States, Bank Secrecy Act, Currency & Foreign Transactions, Red Flags Rules (FTC/NCUA), Patriot Act, Canada Anti-Terrorism Act, Global KYC, CIP & More.


Won't adding my ID document to SmilePass make me vulnerable to identity fraud?

No, SmilePass is designed with security in mind and have protocols in place to reduce the risk of fraud and hacking. Including our liveness detection which can identify fraud.

Why should I trust SmilePass with my information?

SmilePass are completely transparent about what we do with your information. We would never sell your information or pass it on to a third party. Our terms of use & privacy policy are available here.

Can SmilePass see my information?

Yes, any information you have on the app we will have access to but it is held securely.

What information does SmilePass store about me?

We store the information that you have decided to share with us (including biometric information) securely and if you are validating a document, we hold an image of that along with your 3 most recent verifications.

Why store information in cloud?

The benefit of the cloud is not only that it is most likely more secure than storing data locally, but also that it allows clients to benefit instantly from software updates and the matching processes that we use are passed through a neural network to improve efficiency. This needs to be done on a ‘live’ basis which requires the cloud. We are working on a ‘containerisation’ strategy that will allow us to store data locally if this is an absolute requirement but it is not recommended.

The Solution

How do beards and glasses affect results?

Glasses and beards rarely affect outcomes because our technology identifies and matches prominent points on the face which are not obscured by them. Glasses however could be an issue if they are reflecting something. It also depends whether you register with glasses on. Our advice is to remove glasses when registering and verifying.

What about weight gain and age?

Weight gain or loss will affect results if it is sudden, for example trying to match a passport picture to real life when a lot of weight is gained or lost. However if your users are regularly verifying, our system will learn their gradual changes. Weight changes will have a bigger effect if the face is very angular without the weight but round with it.

Is there any human involvement in the process?

We handpick best-in-class technology but our solutions will not attempt to validate ID documents or approve verification of faces unless a) the images are clear/definitive and b) the matches have high confidence levels. In the event of ambiguity (and an unsuccessful verification), if a human can over-ride or ‘yes/no’ the outcome, we believe this optimises the outcome.

What about identical twins?

Facial recognition cannot distinguish between identical twins. This is why we are adding ‘Voice’ as an additional mode to ‘Face’ to give us Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). Other modes will follow. Voice can also be tricky with twins but it’s more susceptible to environmental factors so more likely to diverge between the two.

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