About SmilePass

SmilePass has expertly delivered solutions to the worlds leading companies and governments.
Now, we have made this technology available to everyone.

The core SmilePass team has a combined experience of over 60 years delivering biometric systems since the 1980’s. Having worked with many biometric vendors in the past, we understand the obstacles to entry for those wanting to implement identity security solutions – we have delivered these to leading corporates and governments. We saw that in order to make this technology available to everyone, a step change was needed.

SmilePass is more than just an API. It is a key component in the defence mechanism. We supply you industry leading matching capabilities, in an easy to implement, simply managed and competitively priced package. On top of this we offer the highest level of customer service, as well as a wealth of expertise on biometric systems.

You get a secure solution that you have complete confidence in. As a byproduct of this security, your customers will benefit from a streamlined user experience.

SmilePass solves many of these issues by giving you the ability to authenticate with a ring-fenced biometric identification system.

For more information or to discuss how you can use SmilePass Biometrics please call us now on +44 (0) 203 598 4249 or register and use SmilePass for FREE now