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Launched in 2018, SmilePass has already been tagged as one of the top biometric tech companies in the UK. We’re revolutionising the way you do business by helping you to build and maintain trust between your business and customers. We are the only independent platform as a service that unifies best-in-breed biometrics. Solve your complicated identity and authentication problems with our hybrid solution.

Streamlining on-boarding and verification and not settling for anything less than the most secure is what we do, join us on our journey


We experiment with our technology to help protect our clients and their customers by creating communities based on trust.



Trust underpins everything we do and why we do it.


We exist to protect our clients and their customers by manging trusted identification and authentication across the customer journey.


We enable businesses to build safer relationships with their communities, whether customers, suppliers or employees.

Biometrics for good

Making biometrics & digital identities a force for social change – for everyone, everywhere – is at the heart of everything we do. At SmilePass we know the relationship between society and technology can empower people globally. Our vision is to act as the catalyst for providing easy access to both essential and life-changing services.

Traditional methods of personal identification are being challenged by biometric technology. Over 1 billion people globally cannot access essential services because they don’t have an official ID and are unable to prove their identity.

We believe biometrics is the best way to solve this problem.

Meet the Team

Grant Crow


Food :Barbecue
Film :The Last Samurai
Holiday :Maldives
Album :Rumours
Expert Subject :Leadership


Experience :30 years
ROLE :Developing talent
TOP SKILL :Strategy Execution
superpower :Dad dancing

Khalil Dimachkie


Food :Kibbeh ben sanieh
Film :The Seven Samurai
Holiday :Caribbean
Album :‘refuse to answer’
Expert Subject :Science and Tech


Experience :15 years
ROLE :Tech leadership
TOP SKILL :Product Strategy
superpower :Code Ninja

Robin Kennedy
Commercial Director


Food :Pig
Film :Top Gun
Holiday :Verbier
Album :The Stone Roses
Expert Subject :Neil Young


Experience :19 years
ROLE :Business Development
TOP SKILL :Making connections
SKILL TWO :Managing teams
superpower :Skiing

Ellie Walker
Marketing Coordinator


Food :Cheese
Film :The Lion King
Holiday :Amsterdam
Album :The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Expert Subject :The Simpsons


Experience :2 years
ROLE :Creativity
TOP SKILL :Communication
SECOND SKILL :Content Management

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