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What Is SmilePass?

SmilePass is the world’s most advanced Biometrics platform. SmilePass offers multiple sets of Facial and Voice recognition API’s (application programming interfaces) that can be quickly and easily integrated into any application.

The SmilePass cloud hosted matching service provides all the tools you need to quickly develop and deploy your Proof of Concept (POC) and end solutions with biometrics.

And what’s more our affordable pricing model, means you only pay for what you use.

Why Use SmilePass?

There are many reasons why SmilePass is unique, but here are just a few…



 Biometrics has been adopted as the chosen technology for multi-modal authentication. It allows you to update your offering, strengthen your proposition and remain compliant with legislation.


Seamlessly Integrate

Apply biometrics to your existing or new business application. There is no integration – minimising disruption to customer journey. You can market your application under your branding and pricing.


Ease and Transparancy

You can test our API with a free, zero obligation trial. We will give you enough API calls to ensure you are confident in the product. Pricing is via a transparent pay-per-use model based on use volumes, i.e.) no subscriptions or licenses.



We offer full customer support via a singular solution point. Our technical experts are on hand to help. We offer comprehensive user dashboards enabling you to manage the service for yourself or your clients.

What Can SmilePass Be Used For?

The SmilePass Biometrics Platform can be used for innumerable Face and Voice recognition applications, for example:

Secure Access Control:  Device Unlocking (PC’s, mobile, physical doors and barriers)

Time and Attendance Management: Watchlist Security Monitoring for offices, schools, hospitals, construction sites, hotels, casino’s, bars, clubs

Marketing and Advertising: Targeted Marketing and Consumer Service Provision, Loyalty Programmes, Data Driven Customer Analytics and Behaviourial Analysis

In fact SmilePass can be used for almost any application with a human to machine interface that could require facial or voice recognition and tracking.


How much does SmilePass cost?

For low usage SmilePass is totally Free to use for as long as you require. For larger business application use our unique pricing model charges per API call, meaning that you only pay for each time you use it. We also offer discounts for monthly and yearly.

Security And Compliance

The very heart of SmilePass Biometric Platform are the IBM SoftLayer servers which comply with the latest security measures to meet the worlds most stringent guidelines.

Our commitment assures not only our business but yours as the subscriber together with any of your own customer accounts.


Enterprise Solutions

At SmilePass our development team will design and create an application that perfectly suits your requirements. We’ll help you evaluate and scope out your requirements…

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