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The SaaS platform helping businesses reduce fraud, and build customer trust and insight.

Recognised as a Global Innovator in Biometrics as a Service (Markets and Markets, 2017)

Nominated and Shortlisted for Mobile and Security Innovation of the Year (National Technology Awards, 2018)

Finalists for Business Innovation and Business of the Year (Best New Business Awards, 2018)

Why SmilePass

SmilePass is an authentication platform that uses best-in-class biometrics to verify identity. Our flexible solution allows you to reduce fraud, streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction using our intuitive, easy to integrate technology.

How It Works

Using SmilePass services, our clients can create unique and secure biometric profiles for each of their customers as they begin their journey together. Any future transactions or events that contain risk are verified against this profile.

How We Work

How it works


Significant reduction in fraud and theft related costs


Customers know they’re in a trusted relationship

Compliance with the new GDPR legislation providing customers with more control over their data


A secure, auditable trail of transactions – accountability and liability are clear

Easy, fast, low cost implementation – clients are up and running with days

How we Secure your Information

Scammers are always looking for ways to exploit weaknesses such as modeling fingerprints and fooling face biometrics with pictures and videos. Security is essential to us, so we have created a highly secure “spoof” prevention solution to tackle these issues.

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