Helping you build more secure relationships with your customers is what we do best.

Phishing Prevention

SmilePass is designed to significantly reduce the impact of social engineering fraud by providing a cost-effective and straightforward way of verifying transactions and requests against a unique biometric ID.

Access Management without Hardware

SmilePass helps keep resource and admin costs down while automating access using biometrics to verify identity, record attendance and location. Our access management and geolocation tracking make reporting significantly easier and more accurate. Our app improves visibility and accountability by verifying attendance using facial recognition.

KYC and Onboarding

SmilePass provides simple and highly secure solutions to due diligence challenges and increasing regulations. Using a mix of biometric and additional secure technologies, we focus on verifying the identity of a customer or employee at the beginning of your journey together, authenticating any future transactions using facial recognition, passport and photo ID verification.

Trusted Membership Management

With one in ten members of online dating communities expected to be fake as well as half of all five-star reviews, the challenge for membership organisations is maintaining integrity and protecting their community. Criminals and fraudsters are frequently targeting membership bodies in phishing and social engineering scams as well as scamming legitimate members, damaging reputations and creating a barrier to growth.

Ticketing and Events

Illegal touting impacts entertainers as well as their customers. One in four tickets are touted on re-seller sites, so people do not know where they are buying from. Events companies also need to efficiently and securely grant access to venues using an automated ticketing process. SmilePass links ticket ownership with a unique biometric ID, streamlining ticket ownership and access to events.

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