Reducing exposure to driver and supply chain fraud and theft

Insurance Service

There are least 40 million global “phishing” attacks daily and the cost of containing a successful phishing attack in the UK is on average £300 K. According to the ABI, insurance fraud in the UK is measured in several billion pounds. Given this, it’s hardly surprising that AIG found that insurance clients’ largest concern is cyber security. Few policies though are designed to fully cover these risks.

Fortunately, SmilePass is designed to significantly reduce the impact of social engineering fraud by providing a simple and cost-effective way of verifying transactions and requests against a unique biometric ID.

Logistics Service

The rise in online shopping and therefore home deliveries is fuelling significant growth in the parcel delivery market. This growth is creating its own challenges – such as an industry wide shortage of drivers and a lack of adequate control and accountability over drivers.  This lack of control is contributing to increasing losses from theft and damage as well as significant inefficiencies. The good news is that SmilePass is specifically designed to help carriers overcome these challenges.


Regulatory changes have come with dizzying speed and complexity, often with massive implications to business models and competitive strategies. KYC, AML and future regulatory changes such as Open Banking will see increased cost and complexity for businesses on a global basis.

Equally, customers are frustrated by the many inefficiencies they face in having to provide additional and repeat information. Institutions able to solve these customer frustrations proactively and innovatively will be well placed to gain market share.

SmilePass uses biometric and other technologies to provide simple and highly secure solutions to customer due diligence challenges. We focus on verification of identity and the verification of transactions in the on-going customer relationship.

Professional Membership

Whether a nationally recognised body such as the Law Society, Institute of Chartered Accountants or a website brokering professional services such as, the challenge is maintaining integrity within the community. Members have worked hard for their status and professional bodies need to ensure that standards of practice and membership security are maintained in an environment in which fraudsters are showing both resourcefulness and capability.

Ticketing and Events Service

The UK events industry is worth tens of billions and supports a significant number of jobs. The secondary market is worth > £1bn annually in the UK. A controlled secondary ticket market is an important part of a healthy industry. Illegal touting however is a huge problem impacting on entertainers as well as their customers. 1 in 4 buyers do not know where their tickets are coming from.

Security too has become a major challenge for organisers and a concern for event-goers. Unfortunately this problem is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

SmilePass offers a solution to both of these problems by linking ticket ownership with a unique biometric ID and using this ID to control ticket ownership and access to events.

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